acquiring a golden retriever

EGRC supports ethical and honest breeders who are striving to improve and perfect Golden Retrievers. Our club has some of the best breeders in the country, and we are happy to try to match new owners with great dogs.

Please explore the resource links below for more detailed information on choosing a Golden Retriever puppy or adult dog. Good luck in your search for a beautiful and intelligent friend!

What Responsible Breeders Really Do

resource links

Find A Golden (GRCA)

Considerations About Goldens and Puppies

Why You Should Not Buy a Puppy for Christmas

AKC Breeder of Merit Program


Obtaining an adult golden

If you have decided on a Golden Retriever but feel an adult would be a better choice for your family, we refer you to "Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue". You can visit their web site at .


Talk to a Knowledgeable Member

If you have questions you may call the following EGRC members. They will be happy to answer your questions about finding and buying a puppy.

Nancy 425-354-3609

Sharon 206-799-1115

We experience a large volume of inquiries.  Club members may be away at dog shows and/or other events and it may take a bit of time before a response.  However someone will be getting back with you.


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About EGRC member Breeders List

To be considered for the inclusion to the Breeders List, members must meet the criteria that have been set forth by the EGRC Breeders List Committee.

Breeders List Guidelines (PDF)

Important:  The Evergreen Golden Retriever Club assumes no responsibility for any of the breeders on the referral list, nor for any puppies or dogs they may produce or sell, nor for any dogs placed by members for adoption.

Breeders and contact information

List of Breeders New Puppy and Breeder Listing!

Updated September 24, 2019

EGRC Breeder List Coordinator

Stacia White:

Application Forms for Breeders

Breeders List Application

Litter Announcement Application

Membership and listing for the Breeders List is January - December and requires annual renewal in January.  Club members may join or be removed from the Breeders List at any time during the year. No fees will be refunded for partial year enrollment.


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