EGRC stages a Golden Retriever Specialty each year, (July this year), which includes conformation, sweepstakes, obedience and rally. It is a great opportunity to meet breeders and other club members and to watch dozens of beautiful dogs. For information on the 2024 Specialty, please visit our Specialty page.

Hunt Test 

    EGRC's June Hunt Test is an opportunity to see and participate in an activity that your dog was born to do. The American Kennel Club awards the titles of Junior Hunter (JH), Senior Hunter (SH), Master Hunter (MH) and Master National Hunter (MNH) for performance in hunt tests. The standards for the various levels are designed to approximate the situations and conditions encountered when hunting. It is definitely worth attending a hunt test to see our beautiful dogs in their natural habitat.

Agility Trials

  Our club holds one or two agility trials each year. This is an extremely popular event with Golden owners, because the dogs love it and it is fun! Handlers direct a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. There are many levels that you can participate in, with many titles offered by AKC and other dog groups.


  EGRC hosts or endorses a WC/WCX test most years. Our parent club, the Golden Retriever Club of Aneruca’s purpose in establishing and making available a Working Certificate (WC) and Working Certificate Excellent (WCX) to all owners of Golden Retrievers is to encourage the use of and maintain the natural hunting and retrieving abilities. If you are interested in more information on this great event to explore your dog's natural abilities, please read:


 The GRCA Certificate of Conformation Assessment (CCA) is an educational gateway for everyone to reflect on the written description of what is “ideal” for this incredible breed, the essence of a Golden Retriever, that is timeless, without prejudice and not subject to changing fashion or popular style. EGRC holds these when there is sufficient interest. For more information, please visit:

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